Bhutan Mountain Biking

Mountain-biking in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan is altogether a new level of experience, pedaling high up there up-close with nature. The gorgeous mountain ranges, the river valleys, unpolluted landscape, intact nature and the living culture & traditions are the rewards of getting to Bhutan. It is all alive and intact here when it is lost in most parts of the world. Mountain bike is an instrument to connect humans to nature, to feel it, admire, learn to appreciate and respect it. So be a part of it and enjoy nature.

Some of the Bhutan biking tours we offer are:

-22 days Long distance Bhutan biking cum cultural west-east,

-15 days Bhutan High passes downhill biking cum camping tours,

-14 days Bhutan trekking cum biking tour,

-10 days Bhutan cultural/festival tour with short leisure biking tour,

-08 days Bhutan hike and bike tours,

-07 days Bhutan biking cum spiritual tour,

-06 days Bhutan biking cum cultural tour

-04 days Bhutan bike & see tour and more…


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